As an individual seeking for an instant loan, it’s likely that you might have come across platforms that specialize in peer-to-peer lending. Lending is an old tradition but the way of looking at it lately changed. These platforms gained popularity over time because of one obvious reason, they are the most convenient and simplest alternative way of financing for individuals.

So now,

If you question the term p2p lending, then they’re an intermediary between privileged lenders and needy borrowers or institutional investors. To help you decide if p2p lending is the best option for you in your needy times, we will break it down even better.

We here at quickcredit aim at bridging the gap between the lenders and borrowers and make it, even more, simple and easy say just a click away for the borrower. As a borrower, we understand the time constraint and urgency of the individual. Hence, we realized the need of completely eradicating the concept of physical verification and making the process as quick as 2 hours for the new users and just a click away for the registered ones.


Here are few instances where we proved to be the helpful ones for our customers when they were left with nobody to count on.

1. Sudheer, one of our privileged customer, 1-year ago he applied for a loan from us, for his mom’s urgent eye surgery and now he is amongst our happiest borrowers.

2. Rina, 40-year-old only mother, with the dream of her daughter’s marriage added to the happy family of quickcredit.

3. Young Rahul was caught up in a situation where he didn’t know, either to pay all the utility bills or to enjoy his birthday month.

4. Karthik, with a beautiful wife and 2-month old daughter now, once applied for a loan to take her beloved partner out for their very first dinner date.

5. We gave Shopaholic Tina her best birthday gift.
“Shop now and pay later”

Thank you for helping us grow and to make us better day by day with your support and suggestions.
Welcome to our family.

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We are an online lending FinTech platform in India that provides borrowers instant, flexible cash loans without needing any hectic paperwork and security.

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