About Us


We are an online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace lending platform in India that provides borrowers instant, flexible, short-term cash loans without needing any hectic paperwork and security. We provide investors a platform to invest in cash loans thereby catering to the needs of the borrowers as well as earning higher returns. 


We have realized that there is an unfilled gap in the market catering to borrowers seeking instant cash loans. At QuickCredit.in, we are striving to get the red tape out of the entire process of availing credit. So, a Simple One-Time Registration is followed by a Quick Verification/Approval and Instant Fund Transfer.

  • We evaluate borrowers based on their:
    • Personal - Professional Credibility
    • Social Credibility
  • We validate each borrower’s:
    • Identity
    • Personal Profile
    • Employment Credentials
    • Social Profile
  • Our proprietary underwriting algorithm then predicts each borrower’s:
    • Financial ability to repay
    • Personal intention to repay

Mission & Vision

To be a reliable platform for all genuine borrowers & investors, to help people solve their temporary troubles by offering small, short-term money instantly in a simple, quick and flexible way, to be a de facto platform for instant money when people need it the most.

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