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We provide investors a platform to invest in cash loans thereby catering to the needs of the borrowers as well as earning higher returns. Once you join us as an investor, you will be partnering with a new-age technical, credible platform to help people solve their temporary troubles by offering small, short-term money instantly in a simple, quick and flexible way.

Why should you invest with us?

  • Returns considerably higher than those offered on most of the savings accounts/FDs/bonds/stocks
  • Invest surplus money and earn returns monthly
  • Ease of access to your funds and unprecedented liquidity
  • As an online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace lending platform, provides the following services on behalf of the investor:
    • Credit modelling & underwriting algorithm
    • Loan origination
    • Borrower verification
    • Loan service & customer service
    • Legal compliance and reporting
    • Marketing
  • Re-invest the returns to build/diversify their portfolio
  • Match your risk/reward profile
  • Our technology-enabled underwriting algorithm predicts defaults with better accuracy thereby generating better returns
  • Easy to invest and accessible to all
  • Flexible to invest without any time/limit constraints

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