Is Getting An Instant Cash
Loan In India 24/7

Is Getting an Instant Cash Loan in India
24/7 Possible?

Is Getting an Instant Cash Loan in India
24/7 Possible?

How To Get An Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour without any difficulty?
In this technologically developed era, our existence has turned upside down. Everything we want or desire for can be now achieved in a click or two and getting an instant cash loan in 1 hour is not an exception. However, the conventional approach of money lending platforms can never really be changed but there is always room for an alternative. There are rising money lending platforms to bridge these demands with an Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour on the go 24/7 in India. QuickCredit is one such digital lending platform in India that fulfills all instant cash loan needs in 1 hour.

The whole loan process is online and 100% paperless, a person with no cibil score or a low cibil score is also eligible to get an instant cash loan in 1 hour from QuickCredit. To make the process faster, the whole system is designed with AI based algorithms. As soon as you fill your details, you will know your approved limit and you can apply for a loan instantly.

Getting loans online for over a long period was just a concept but thanks to QuickCredit! Now instant cash loan in 1 hour online is just a click away.

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Why Should You Consider QuickCredit For Instant Cash Loan?

100% Online
Instant Approval
No Collateral
No Documentation and Physical Communication Required
Dedicated Account Manager
24/7 Support

How easy getting a cash loan can be?

  • - Visit QuickCredit’s Website or App.
  • - Fill your basic details and get instant loan approval.
  • - Select the desired loan amount and apply for the loan.
  • - Upload basic documents like Aadhar, PAN and Bank Statement.
  • - Get your instant cash loan credited in your A/C directly.

Eligibility Criteria for Instant Cash Loan in 1 hour.

  • - Age should be above 21.
  • - A citizen of India.
  • - Should be an employee of an authorized organization with a decent salary.

Which documents are required for the one-time borrower registration?

  • Proof of ID (POI): Company ID or Pan Card.
  • Proof of Address (POA): Passport or Aadhar Card or Driving License or Voter ID.
  • Latest Salary Slip.
  • Bank account statement for the last six months.
  • Authorized Email Id, Mobile number and Home address.

When We Talk About An Emerging Term There Are Always Myths About It, So Let Us Bust Some Myths About Online Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour-

1. They steal your documents: This is entirely a fake and baseless claim about cash loan platforms as there is nothing much they can do with your documents, moreover, if you read the terms and conditions they maintain a strictly encrypted system to ensure your privacy and their business safety.

2. They are fraudulent: In many cases, marketing might end up targeting the wrong people who aren’t credible enough for these loans like people with a salary less than 17k, such people end up spreading the false word about the platform, you will only know once you use the services.

3. They don’t work on a holiday: This can be partially true but, in the case of QuickCredit, it’s up and running 24/7, giving instant cash loans online to all the customers connected with them.

4. You need to pay some fee to get the Instant Cash Loan: With technology, there are frauds unavoided, some fraud platforms might ask you to pay a certain fee to get your instant cash loan in 1 hour, Beware! Never pay any money until you get a service in return. QuickCredit provides instant loans online without any pre-paid fee or deduction. You get what you see.

What QuickCredit has to say?

We want to fulfil cash needs of all working professionals with a salary more than 18k. We aim to make our loan process 100% online, up and running 24/7 without any manual intervention. With our AI-based system, availing loans is as easy as ordering food online. You can borrow money online 24/7 all days of the year.

QuickCredit also provides mini cash loans, meaning amounts as small as 1000, 2000 etc to up to a maximum amount of 1 lakh. Instant Cash loan services are spanned across India including all big and small cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida, Kochi, Bhubaneswar, Nasik, Nagpur etc.


1) What is is an online lending FinTech platform in India that provides borrowers instant cash loans without needing any hectic paperwork and collateral. We help borrowers avail the instant cash loan in 1 hour and advance salary loans in a simple, quick and flexible way.

From a borrower’s perspective, what is the entire process to avail instant cash loan at

  • A Simple One-Time Registration: The registration is completely online from start to finish. You need to complete this to become an approved borrower.
  • Quick Verification/Approval: We evaluate you based on your Personal - Professional Credibility and your Social Credibility.
  • Instant Fund Transfer: Once you register as an approved borrower, you can avail cash loans instantly, one click, 24*7 and without needing any further verification, documentation, etc…

Can I apply for a cash loan in QuickCredit, besides having a current loan with another company?

Yes. If you are confident about your previous credit history and financial capabilities, you can apply for a cash loan while having an outstanding with another lender.

How QuickCredit works?

QuickCredit focuses on supporting working professionals with instant monetary support in the form of instant cash loan, salary advance loan and skill loan etc. Borrowers can access the instant cash loan either from our website or our app round the clock 365 days. At QuickCredit, borrowers can apply for the loan with a simple and effortless process.

Why QuickCredit for Instant Cash Loan?

QuickCredit is one of the leading and trusted online fintech platforms in India. With more than 1 million visitors per day and over 8 lakh borrowers, QuickCredit has always been on top in terms of customer satisfaction. QuickCredit is offering the instant cash loan without any documentation and physical communication. On top of that, at QuickCredit the instant cash loan application would be approved within minutes and the loan money will be transferred to the borrower's account on the same day.

Can I get the instant cash loan in 1 hour with a low cibil score?

Yes! At QuickCredit, we consider the reliability of customer’s profile over cibil score. Thus, we offer the instant cash loan to borrowers having low to zero cibil score.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow a cash loan of any amount between 1000 to 1 lakh depending on your eligibility.

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